Hyundai showcases i20’s features through an attention grabbing spooky ad

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The power of media is undeniable. It is the one source that is bound to make an impact on the minds of the consumers. In the middle of a market slowdown and affected sales rates, Hyundai Motor India has thus taken resort to the most powerful medium to remind its customers the potential of its cars. However, the second largest car maker of India has a rather unconventional way of using the media. Apart from the general TV commercials, Hyundai chooses to release very catchy videos on the World Wide Web that goes viral and grab the attention especially of the young audience. Hyundai targets these viral videos to the young consumers as they are the ideal customers of the company’s innovative and stylish cars.

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Like its innovative cars, Hyundai Motors has got very innovative advertising sense as well, and this is showcased in the latest advertizing video of its very popular premium hatchback in India, the i20.

The South Korean auto leader has just resealed one such viral video on the Hyundai i20 online that was conceived and created by Innocean Worldwide advertising agency. Hyundai is expected to hit the cyber space as well as the world of television with more such catchy and rather unconventional commercials.

The online advertisement video that features the i20 is an attention grabbing, spooky and funny commercial. The video starts with a young man driving his Hyundai i20 when he spots a beautiful lady standing on an isolated road. He stops his car to catch another glimpse at the beauty, but soon realizes she is a citizen of the afterworld. The apparition gets into his car and orders to drive. As the man drives in terrible fear, the ghost gets scared herself as the headlights of the car turn on themselves. She gets terrified as the wipers start automatically as it drizzles and the man reverses the car without looking back. Petrified the specter lady screams to stop the car, gets off and vanishes. The catch line – ‘the Uber Cool i20’ flashes spookily at the end.

Thus, the fascinating ad emphasizes the latest features of the car, namely the automatic headlamps, rain sensing wipers and a rear view mirror with rear view camera.

The joint Managing Director of Innocean, believes that Hyundai is right in focusing on the young crowd online and the ad agency will do everything to increase the buzz around the company’s range of models. The advertising team is putting full effort in churning out unconventional concepts that grab the attention of the net users and they will spontaneously share the videos with the others; thus ensure the success of the Hyundai commercials.

According to an Innocean official, this video was created with a different thinking that will instantly charm the audience and compel them to watch the video intensely. The video uses a completely unusual advertising strategy that is haunting, humorous and engaging in every way with a very catchy storyline and catch line.

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