Cast a Spell commercial portraying the Hyundai i20 is a huge hit

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India’s second biggest car builder Hyundai India has launched an interesting and innovative advertisement campaign called ‘Cast a Spell’ to boost the promotion of the new i20. Hyundai has employed a digital platform to promote the car by catering to the young population.

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The background settings of the ‘Cast a Spell’ video for the i-Gen i20 car is incredible and anybody would want to be on such sets with a dreamland appearance through narrow roads in a mysterious land that appears to be showcased during twilight. The interesting part to watch out for in the advertisement is the Cast a Spell concept where a boy driving a stylish red colored i-Gen i20 on a strange lane that appears to be haunted, and spots a lady standing in front of a gate of a strange house, the boy fascinated with the girl’s appearance and is thrilled when she requests for a drive.

The boy is then petrified on learning that the girl has emerged from a graveyard, and she portrays typing ghost like behavior especially when the car comes across a dead end and the boy is forced to reverse. The behavior of the girl appears more peculiar after the reverse and she requests the car to be halted, and then get’s down and disappears in thin air. All through the drive the girl carries a candle with her portraying a typical ghost demeanor. The boy’s initial fear is when the girl enters the car with a candle.

The video is a huge hit with more than one million viewership catered to impress the young population in India. Most youngsters are fascinated with the idea of ghosts which carries on for years, and hence even the young adult population would be amazed by this advertisement. The commercial is captured brilliantly; captured in peak twilight periods with the sets representing a typical haunted scene. The advertisement represents the power of Hyundai i20 cars in India to such an extent that a dead person wakes up to the car and appears at the precise moment to experience the drive experience of i-Gen i20 and becomes frustrated when the car hits a dead end.

Besides the enigmatic circumstances and settings, there are other facets to closely observe in the commercial such as rear view camera inserted with parking sensors, rain sensing wipers, and automatic headlamps and so on. The admirable aspect of the advertisement is a detailed representation of the innovative scenarios and features are described in only 20 to 30 seconds.
The young population in India will be captivated with the Cast a Spell commercial the details of the theme are executed marvelously. The advertisement has created a massive impact on the public that it is a huge success which comes as no surprise. The brain behind the creation of this advertisement should be highly appreciated and rewarded. People who watch the video would pine to possess i-Gen i20 car since the video showcases the whooping popularity of the car to mesmerize ghosts.

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