The extraordinarily designed Hyundai HCD-14 bags the Concept car of the year award for 2013

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Reputed Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai has showcased the classy model of the Genesis Concept HCD-14 during the prestigious Detroit motor show in early 2013.  The HCD-14 has bagged several awards and created heightened consumer satisfaction. The car has now recognized for its concept designs and has won the Concept car of the year for 2013. To further expand on the spectacular recognitions the car has created, it has won the Most significant concept of the year award with highest scores in category concept segment.

hyundai hcd 14 genesis concept profile

The award conducted was the annual North American concept car of the year for the twelfth consecutive period. The categories recognized by such awards are those that define the inventions to create newer and successful products in the future. To the amazement of Hyundai and car luxury car enthusiasts, this is the second recognition of Hyundai’s prodigious success; the first trophy was the Production preview concept vehicle of the year for the year 2008 with Genesis Coupe. Some of the concept attributes that have defined the supremacy of HCD-14 Genesis is the quality design, world class 3 D design technology that enables smooth driving experience, back doors with strong rotation abilities and an exclusive coupe sculpt.

Concept Car nominees recognize the ability to transport passengers, the HCD 14 emerged powerful over powering Toyota Corolla Furia and Honda EV STER. The HCD-14 Genesis concept was appreciated for the impeccable design which appears to be a creation of a brilliant artist. In terms of technological insertions in the car, HCD-14 Genesis is garnished with hand and eye tracking gestures, gesture recognitions for audio, smartphone connections, infotainment navigation and so on.

The design center in California has emerged with incredible creations, and according to a design based company in the state, HCD-14 is among the top quality creations. The styling is impeccably sculpted that it appears to be among the most lavish cars launched, the grille according to sources can be compared to best-in-class designs of Ferraris. In terms of interiors the atmosphere is unique and sophisticated with all the facilities for a pleasurable drive to be able to locate desired destinations swiftly and listen to amazing tunes to unburden the stress muscle.

The selection category is immense, with 24 judges to select a vast twenty three vehicle range, unveiled in North America during the thrilling and splendid auto event held in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles.

Hyundai HCD-14 is a reflection of enhanced creativity in concept car segment; it is a commendable moment for Hyundai with the car. The overall design appears to be magnificent and professional. The design of HCD-14 will ideally match the classy attire of the highly qualified young demographic. The car showcases remarkable artistic creations from roof to wheel. From the images the interior room seems highly spacious. If the design of HCD-14 has out beaten Toyota Furia which has created waves among the public, then one can imagine the level of skill and creativity associated with the car.

Those who are keen to experience a heightened rhythm of luxury, Hyundai HCD-14 is a noteworthy purchase.

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