Hyundai Elantra facelift caught testing in Korea

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Reports have emerged that Hyundai is conducting test runs of the new Elantra in Korea. Seeing the initial renderings, it does not come across as a new generation Elantra and looks more like a revamped version of the outgoing model. Many industry watchers have got hold of the yet to be launched Elantra’s images from Korean websites.

2014 Hyundai Elantra facelift

However, not much has been revealed through the initial images. One could only get a rear-view which reveals the LED tail lamps. As seen with most test runs, the Elantra was also covered in camouflage material with which Hyundai has done a nice job of hiding the new look of the car.

The Elantra will soon be receiving cosmetic changes. Recently, Hyundai tested the revamped Elantra in South Korea and there were also some leaked images from the test mule conducted in the United States. Hyundai had launched Elantra in the year 2010 and was known as the neo fluidic Elantra. Since its launch, the Elantra has enticed buyers as is demonstrated from the pleasing sales figures. This model from Hyundai has so far achieved the sales figures which the company had pre-decided upon. Considering the fact that the Elantra’s design has now turned 3 years old, Hyundai is keen to give a makeover to the executive sedan.

Enthusiasts have also posted images of the Elantra’s test mule that happened in Fullerton in California. Images from the Korean test mule are also found online. While the prototype that was tested in Korea had camouflaged doors, the US one did not has camouflaged doors. This suggests that Hyundai will not be introducing major changes for Elantra’s doors. However, the fronts as well as the rear section were well concealed during the testing in both countries.

This implies that the major chunk of exterior modifications will be seen in these two areas of the car. If one were to guess what changes would be seen in the front and rear parts, then it is safe to guess that Hyundai would build the taillights as well as the headlights in a uniquely detailed way and might also introduce some slight changes to the car grill. The remaining of the car design is expected to remain the same.

Adding fuel to the speculation surrounding the facelift is the unique proportions and the shape of the Elantra.  The new Elantra is likely to be a modified fluidic design and the new design will be introduced in India, sources claim. However, long before the revamped Elantra hits the Indian roads, Hyundai will be launching the much anticipated i10 hatchback. Also, it plans to continue selling the present Elantra which has put up on a decent performance on the sales board.

Currently, two engine options- 1.8 litre petrol and 1.6 litre diesel are offered with the Elantra. Additionally, Hyundai also offers a conventional 5-speed manual transmission and also a six-speed automatic gearbox with the Elantra. It is expected that the new Elantra will feature no changes in the Powertrains. Also, the pricing of Elantra will remain more or less the same, though outside economic factors may affect the price marginally.

Hyundai Elantra facelift caught testing in Korea, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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