The interesting details of Hyundai Grand i10

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The Hyundai i10 is a popular car among all strata’s in India, since inception this has been among the top sellers in auto industry. The i10 is a symbol of Hyundai’s marvelous abilities to build all genres of cars from i10 to the lavish Santa Fe. The i10 is a hatchback with amazing luxurious elements splashed into it.

Hyundai Grand i10 Front

The i10 offers luxurious comfort which fulfills the dreams of many Indian’s who have no means to bigger models. The car is reasonably priced and built with an exclusive style statement. There is some delicious news for ardent i10 fans, the company in September this year will launch the Grand i10, most people would think of the Grand to be a face lift version, but it’s not, and is interestingly a newly designed car and has got nothing to do with the present i10. The car will however be fitted Hyundai i10 and i20 in terms of pricing.

Some ardent car fans have test driven the Grand i10, and was disguised to the hilt, Hyundai Motors India Limited has released a single picture of the car which can be viewed on the net, the company is not keen to display leaked images of the car. Those who have been studying Hyundai India’s new launches, would have come across ‘BA’ this car is now called Grand i10. Its earlier code name BA has an interesting meaning, the term BA refers to Indian markets and for international segments, ‘IA’. The refreshed car is a substitute to the first generation i10 and is expected to release in twenty countries besides India.

Hyundai Grand i10 is built in German markets at the reputed European Design Center; earlier the car’s production structure was different for international and Indian markets. With the i10 being exceedingly popular in Indian markets, Hyundai has manufactured to car with identical Indian centric elements. Hyundai centers in India are situated in Hyderabad and Chennai.

The Hyundai Grand i10 will be built with notable style statements as observed in earlier Hyundai cars; the rear glass will be different. For the international segment the shoulder line situated at the mid portion of the car at the rear will blend with lines contributed by rear spoiler with a curvy design. For Indian markets, the company is familiar with the practice of hiring drivers and is built accordingly.

For Indian segment, Hyundai Grand i10 is manufactured with shoulder crease and glass with wider dimensions which implies that there cabin would possess higher aerodynamic effects and would make driving the Grand i10 a pleasurable experience.  The interior logo for the car is the interesting black and beige combination. The Indian Grand i10 is likely to possess an air-conditioner at the rear.

The interiors are constructed with royal plastic material with some interesting fitments to enjoy a mind blowing drive experience with best-in-class MP3 and 2 DIN audio system along with one GB of RAM, there is a push and start button along with smart key. The other exciting and beneficial interior features are chilled glove compartment, Bluetooth connections, world class music system, parking sensors for rear and so on. The Grand i10 is also expected to offer abundant leg, shoulder and head room.

The Grand i10 is manufactured with a engine known to have the smallest dimension with 1.1 liter diesel U2 mill with the advanced CRDI technology.

The Grand i10 is built with some interesting and thrilling features and would surely be another small wonder for Hyundai.

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