Will Hyundai also premiere the new i20 next month in Frankfurt?

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If one were to closely above Hyundai’s success story not just in India but also in other global markets, then it is secret that Hyundai will keep on replacing as well as revising the products in portfolio faster than any of its competitors. Especially in the last decade, Hyundai, has announced a slew of upgrades to their existing model as well as some new models. One example to explain is when Honda progressed from the Civic to its next generation in the year 2011, the Korean car maker had announced a replacement for its rival Avante two times.

2015 Hyundai i20 Rear view

The Hyundai Verna is about to retire in less than a year’s time and Hyundai has already given it a stylish facelift. Similarly, Hyundai has not waited for a period of more than 3 years to introduce Lifecycle modifications in the i10 as well as i20. Hyundai has a minimum of three different visual designs for the Sonata which is sold globally. This clearly implies that designers working at Hyundai never leave their offices early and are always working on some or the other new design.

Hyundai had code-named the next generation i10 as BA which will make a world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. It is expected that the new i10’s production will also begin at the same time in Turkey. Hyundai is planning to launch the new i10 model in India during the festive season of Diwali. The new i10 has already made a public appearance and the new i20 is also garnering a lot of spotlight in the past few days.

Spy photos of the new i20 were leaked online which have made the Hyundai fans even more curious about the launch of the i20. Some of the images posted online showcase the new Hyundai i20 which was tested on public roads. However, Hyundai cleverly guarded the exterior design of the new i20 in some heavy duty camouflage. Thus, the spy photos of this B-segment hatchback fail to reveal any new lines or shapes.

News headlines and reports that have surfaced over the internet in the past few days suggest that Hyundai would most likely be hosting the global premiere of the new i20 which is codenamed as IB. However, production of the new i20 is not expected to begin before the coming year.

It is evident that Hyundai does not refrain from introducing any new car on a public platform much before the market launch of the new product. The Santa Fe is one such example where a lot of time was taken from the replacement to hit the market. The outgoing model of Santa Fe was sold for quite a long time in the market even after the new generation Santa Fe was officially announced.

Hyundai has already begun work on the upgrades for i20, i10, Sonata as well as Genesis. With so many models waiting for a facelift, Hyundai would certainly not shy of showcasing the next generation i20 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, it is yet to be seen whether Hyundai will showcase the new i20 soon since the current i20 has a complete year before it reaches end of its product Lifecycle.

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