2014 Hyundai Elantra displayed at the prestigious Los Angeles motor show

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Hyundai a leading global auto figure has explored the depths of automobile creativity. The company’s cutting-edge Fluidic Design philosophy is brilliant beyond words, and is the secret behind Hyundai’s innovative design formula. The Elantra is among its luxury classic, and was showcased at the prestigious Los Angeles Motor Show.

2014 hyundai elantra avante facelift front

There cannot be better moments of bliss and wonder, than to view the 2014 Elantra at the Los Angeles one can imagine the aftermath public response. The new Elantra will have the same design formula, but with fresh features. The new Elantra will have revamped back and front design, with new interior style cues. Customers can hope to indulge in a world filled with unique and novel technologies with Pandora internet radio, A 4.3 inch colour touchscreen fitted with back view camera in the basic SE version, user interface, enhanced navigation screen and voice recognition commands.

2014 Elantra is filled with newly designed LEDs, arty elongated fog lights in front, for a long secure drive experience, there are inventive technologies to rely on such as Hyundai assurance connected care, standard blue link, blind spot mirror in driver’s compartment. The car will have a powerful 2 liter power train, and those who are fascinated with the cars appearance and features, it might be displayed at the 2014 Autp Expo.

Elantra is a symbol of luxury at its very best, the 2014 Elantra sports an exotic posh sedan image with a huge front bonnet and arty lines and creases splashed on its side profile and extend to the front. The car is immensely popular in India and costs Rs 13 to 16.4 lakhs. The car is filled with wealth, and the colors offered with it complement its kingly status such as Maharajah Red, Phantom Black, Sleek Silver, Twilight Blue, Coral White and Bronze.

Indian’s are inspired by luxury cars, today the earning power of Indian’s has shot up because of foreign franchises, and expansion in IT and management consulting firms, the people hence aspire for posh cars to commemorate their wealthy status. The Indian population is tech savvy due to the massive development of the digital world, at the global level, the high tech interior features of 2014 Elantra like user interface, navigation, voice recognition commands is an appealing factor, and the familiarity levels with such advanced software equipments is a breeze for most Indians.

2014 Elantra is a symbol of advanced technologies, and a pathway for a new way of life submerged in digital fantasies. The car if launched in India will result in overwhelming public response, those who are attracted by the previous Elantra, will surely be impressed by this one, because of the sequence of new powerful technologies.

The car scores well in all angles, and is an excellent platform to enjoy a long vacation ride, and explore other rich and diverse Indian cities. The abundant interior volume makes this an ideal carpooling car, for a group of friends to feel the core of luxury. The 2014 Elantra is a reflection of magnificence in a grand piece, filled with imaginative technology and features.

2014 Hyundai Elantra displayed at the prestigious Los Angeles motor show, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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