Hyundai Grand i10 versus Maruti Swift – Quality hatchbacks to own

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Hyundai has launched a series of trendy hatchbacks, so has Maruti Suzuki, the stiff competition between the two brands has been written about in many car websites and magazines. The fierce rivalry between Hyundai Eon and Maruti Suzuki Alto has been the talk of the town for quite a while. It does not stop here; Hyundai has recently launched the i10 Grand hatch to kill the bottleneck competition that exists in hatch market. The car was launched in 2013 September, and it is doing pretty well in the market. In just few months post launch, Hyundai has sold over 30,000 i10 Grand vehicles.

Hyundai Grand i10 Front

The launch of i10 Grand has a different rhythm compared to other new hatch launches. Much can be derived from the name itself; it is an evolutionary version of current i10 packed with greater features. It is indeed a strong contender, and has churned a range of arch rivals. One of its fierce competitors is Maruti Suzuki Swift; again the battle between Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki continues to unfold.

Those who are into hatchbacks the i10 Grand and Swift are interesting buys, let’s go over the features and decide on a pick. The i10 Grand is fitted with powerful kappa 2 1.2 liter engine, as used in the present i10 car. The potent engine pumps out efficient energy outputs of 82bhp. Car enthusiasts who have driven the i10 Grand were immensely satisfied with the motor response, the initial thrust is smooth and the car is known to be ideal to enjoy pleasurable city drives. The initial take off is delightful. The power output is strong and this was a concern, when the vehicle started, the power flow was so robust that the gear had to be changed to second or third. The acceleration capacity of Hyundai 10 Grand is impressive, in just 13.4 sec, the car can attain top speeds of 0 to 100kph.

Maruti Suzuki Swift is equipped with a potent K series 1.2 liter engine, when the engine is in the start phase, the car moves at greater speeds compared to even Brio. The engine is extremely powerful and smooth to enable a heavenly city drive encounter. The initial power output by Swift is known to be incredibly smooth.

2014 Maruti Suzuki Swift front

Hyundai i10 Grand has a powerful suspension mechanism; the car is filled with world class shock absorbing techniques. It can maneuver on bumpy roads with ease. Even at low speeds, the ride effect is amazing, even on highways; the steering wheel movement is pretty light and comfortable.

Car buffs were delighted with the ride atmosphere of Swift, the car cruised through harsh road conditions with ease. The noise vibration levels are minimal and cabin atmosphere is breathtakingly quiet. The steering delivers an incredible aerodynamic effect even at low speeds.

Hyundai i10 Grand and Maruti Suzuki Swift are among the best hatchbacks to own, the engine efficiency, initial take off, ride effect and suspension systems are best-in-class in both models. The i10 Grand might be a better pick in terms of appearance; it costs Rs 4.3 to 6.4 lakhs. The Swift is priced at Rs 4.58 to 6.9 lakhs.

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